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“Ambition” to Continue “Road to Revolution.”

The script for “Ambition,”  Chapter 4 has been greenlit today!

With that being said, we have launched the campaign to fund CHAPTER 4!

With three Chapters finished, we are just one episode away from completing this first 4-part mini-series on The Road to Revolution.

This episode is highly anticipated as it will pick up where “Chapter 3″ left off. If you haven’t seen Chapters 1-3, you can view them HERE!

Will Laud be ordained by the English church or will Joseph Baines’ words prove prophetic from Chapter 3:  “I do not believe you will ever see London?”

Will “ambition” mean climbing the Anglican hierarchy or will justice be served upon the Reverend’s head as he takes what he wants without fear of the physical or spiritual consequences? Continue Reading »

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The Story You Crave

Happy Days, Happy Journeys

What makes a story worth your time?

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I can remember looking forward to “Happy Days” installments when the show first began running in 1974.   That would have been around 8th grade for me, and it might have had something to do with thinking high school would hold moments of gorgeous mystery — a girl who looked like Linda Evans saying yes to the prom, the Beach Boys showing up for your birthday party, dad presenting you with a chrome-heavy convertible red Corvette. Continue Reading »

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The Inevitable Surprise

We’re at the “plot points” stage of episode #4, where we debate what happens to whom, how we match it to the events of the era, and what we have the means to attempt.   For example, in this next episode, we’re very confident that Reverend Laud, in a flash back scene, needs to give a pretty spirited Whig (read patriot) sermon.  Else why would Silas ever hire him for the Courage pulpit?  But, wait, why would Laud be giving a liberty sermon when he can’t wait to be ordained into the King’s established church? Continue Reading »

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Stories that Civilize

Stories are potentially dangerous, at least the wrong ones.

A lot of parents lament profanity, sex, and violence in modern entertainment, but those, as I’ve lamented recently, are all found even in the Bible — in a context that explains their place.  How do you tell the story of Jesus without cutting off the centurion’s ear and seeing the Master restore it?   Would Samson lose his hair, and strength, to a homely girl, dressed head to ankles in a pressed denim dress? Continue Reading »

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The Very Idea Of It

In the BBC adaption of the Elizabeth Gaskell novel, Wives and Daughters, a rumpled country Squire Hamley played by Michael Gambon, anxiously makes a bid for the help of Miss Molly Gibson (Justine Waddell) in the care of Squire Hamley’s ailing wife.

Unfortunately, Miss Gibson’s step mother, using Molly as a chess piece, insists the girl is not available.   She enlarges upon Molly’s social engagements, and observes that an engagement, after all, is an engagement.  She keeps repeating this defense, until Gambon erupts with frustration:

“Did I say an engagement was an elephant, ma’am???”

It’s just an explosively funny moment. Continue Reading »

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Lucy’s Longest Trailer

This post has nothing to do with Lucile Ball.  It’s just a strained reference to how long it takes to make a decent trailer.

That’s what we’re working on now, a trailer that pitches the series as a whole and we have been learning a lot from an anonymous professional in the field, (not anonymous to us, but an experienced industry pro and I haven’t gotten permission to use names, so…)

Our insider tells us a good trailer 1) builds sympathy for someone or something to care about 2) puts that person or thing in jeopardy and 3) hints that there will be a triumph over the danger. Continue Reading »

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Innocence: Improbable or Impossible?

I always knew the character of Sarah Pine would be a bit of a risk.  Our Producer Jonathan Wilson even wondered, on first read, whether she was “all there.”    I explained that I saw her as a young woman obsessed with applied theology as a hobby, in a way we can’t quite imagine today this side of an Amish after glow service.   If you haven’t spent much time in 18th century primary sources, it might be hard to acknowledge that published sermons were the social networking “links” of their day.   Hanna Green Winslow, an 11 year old girl residing in Boston for “finishing,” kept a journal with sermon summaries that compare favorably with today’s post-doctoral religion blogs.  Hanna summarized some of her Wednesday evening lecture notes as follows.  

Ask yourself:  Could your eleven year old, pen this: 

Mr Hunt having taken his turn to show what the Scriptures principly teach, & what is God. Continue Reading »

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