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Sex in Courage Township

How We All Came to Be

We’ve had a lot of good reaction to my last two blogs on the subject of the vile, cheap buffoon and intellectual pretender, Jon Stewart. ¬† He’s not worth any more space, but I wanted to use his absolute lack of taste, and his utter lack of spiritual depth, to discuss something important: ¬†how much, and what kind, of sex should there be in the little town of Courage, New Hampshire?

In modern entertainment, at the very bottom of creation, beneath the bottom of the barrel, among the glistening slugs and the eyeless, sucking leaches, we find ¬†productions like “Deadwood.”

I have tried to watch a few of these episodes but their utter disregard for history is so profound, and their dedication to what I’m sure they think are “groundbreaking” images of pendulous, full-frontal male nudity is so completely tasteless that I can’t say my take is encyclopedic, but I’ve been close enough to that particular Turkish toilet to know it’s worth avoiding. Continue Reading »

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