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1771 — A Day in the Life of a Country Lawyer

John Adams, country attorney

More Glorious Times Anon

In June of 1771, the travelling attorney, John Adams, then thirty-five years old, had this to record in his journal about a day on the circuit court:

Overtook Judge Cushing in his old curricle and two lean horses, and Dick, his negro, at his right hand, driving the curricle. This is the way of travelling in 1771;— a judge of the circuits, a judge of the superior court, a judge of the King’s bench, common pleas, and exchequer for the Province, travels with a pair of wretched old jades of horses in a wretched old dung-cart of a curricle, and a negro on the same seat with him driving. Continue Reading »

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A Cable For You II

As I observed in my last blog, the end of the conventional television world is now being predicted with more urgency.   How it will happen, and when, might be anyone’s guess but everyone seems to think major changes will continue to accelerate.

What has been happening, for the last few years is a major change in the way people watch episodic drama, comedy and even news magazines.   They watch it when they want to watch it.  This began with DVD box collections, purchased the year after a show’s first or second season, and now it takes place on the channel’s internet site or on Itunes, Netflix, or Amazon. Continue Reading »

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Courage, New Hampshire Production Blog #4: Meet Kathryn Gallagher and the Art Department

Art Director for "Courage, New Hampshire," Kathryn Gallagher

“Ambition” is currently in post-production. This episode, chapter 4 of a Courage, New Hampshire miniseries, (otherwise known as “season one”), promises to be a real thriller.

You can watch the “Ambition” trailer Here!

Before the end of filming, and as I promised, I had the chance to sit down and talk with Kathryn Gallagher, who is the art director for Courage.

One of the hardest working crews on the set is the art department.

They work tirelessly and scrupulously to bring in props and “dress” sets to add life and color to each scene. Continue Reading »

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Introducing, Monique Lewis!

Introducing, Monique Lewis!

Monique joins the “Courage” family as an associate producer and marketing coordinator.

Monique’s own “Courage” story is a little unique, in that, her family plays a “big part” in the production of the show. She is pumped to be a part of the marketing side of the program, as she believes in the vision, characters, and story.

So, do as Monique did, and spend an entire night “in” and catch the “Courage bug!”


Welcome Monique!

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The Photoshop Syndrome

Three weeks. That’s a big break in the production blog, and it
has to do with, well, production. We’re working hard to bring in the next episode by the first week in May.

On that front, there are a few cuts and transitions we’re still debating, but it’s pretty much a matter of color and music now, and it all looks pretty nice in our book.

Over the years I’ve come to warn people about what I call the “Photoshop Syndrome,” but lately I have come to believe it’s a life truth more ancient than Adobe. Continue Reading »

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Mask Bloopers with Abby and Molly

VIDEO:  Okay, for Colony Bay Members only:  the perils of removing the mask..

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Schedules, Money, Cameos, Housing

Frances Romero MenaThis week, we’ve been trying to juggle the schedules of our many different actors and crew, attempting to match them with the demands of our back lot — Riley’s Farm, where hundreds of students see a kind of live version of Courage, New Hampshire daily.    Frances Romero Mena has it nailed down about 90% now, which is about as tight as you can get these things.  Sometimes, you just have to wrap the tavern in a blanket and do day-for-night and squeeze in a pickup shot at the end of the shoot. Continue Reading »

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Reasons to Spread Courage!

Hi, folks.  James Riley here.   I wrote, directed, and acted in “Courage, New Hampshire,” and on behalf of the whole Courage, New Hampshire family (literally hundreds of people help make these episodes), I need to spend some time selling, so pay heed and spread the word.

Reason #1 for buying Courage right now:
In 18th century New England you settled fights at the local public house where the tavern keeper was justice of the peace as well. Continue Reading »

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The Sons of Liberty Trailer

So we showed Colony Bay members a bit of this the other day, but we color-corrected and added Rotem Moav’s score to the version above, and I have to say, well, what other people have been telling me — that it’s goose-bump and chill-down-the neck stuff.

It’s also been the subject of no small amount of argument.  My son, Nicholas, believes

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Starring Scarlett something or other…

I talked to a guy in Michigan yesterday who was so excited about selling our movie, he wants to take it out and sell it to his church, his school, and even his neighborhood. He bought 30 copies of the DVD in our July deal, (a case of 30 for $99).

He did not, however, start out that passionate. “When I first looked at the DVD case,” he said, “I thought ‘bunch of guys running around in funny clothes and talking about history.’”

He went on: “I didn’t expect too much, but then I started watching and there were scenes that reached in and socked me right in the gut, that touched me. Continue Reading »

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