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Expectations – Patriotic, Christian and Rogue

One follower of our project, writes:

..I was expecting a video which told me more about early America and our Founding Fathers, before, during and after the American Revolution, and not this type of story. I look forward to your other upcoming productions and hope that you will give us true historic stories of our early beginnings…

She was upset, in other words, that the story was about a bastardy trial.  That’s how you decode the line “this type of story.”   I explained to her that John Adams tried a number of these cases before he became “John Adams” and that the founders were deeply ensconced in a legal system that placed high value on intact families, which would explain the “before” in the request for stories about “before, during, and after the American Revolution.”

I didn’t take the time, of course, to explain the story included references to the Boston Massacre, British deserter patrols, the system of tavern justice in New England, references to the Biblical roots of colonial justice, and the overtly religious language used by the plaintiff’s attorney (which was taken, literally, from the Boston Massacre trial opening statements.)   I didn’t take the time to point out the accuracy of the clothing, the stone walls, the 18th century hay cart taken from a Williamsburg pattern.  Continue Reading »

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