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Pondering Premieres and Performance


Well, you should have been there.

The episode three premiere was epic, complete with an audience that ooohed, ahhhed and chuckled at all the right places. My daughter sat next to one fan who was literally leaning forward in her seat, anxious for the lives and fortunes of our heroes.

That’s the way it should be, and it made for a great after-party. Filming an episodic drama makes for a kind of congregation or fraternity of the faithful.  You actually become a kind of township in the cause of telling a township story. Continue Reading »

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I’ll Buy it or I’ll Rent it — Someday

There’s a “metric” out there I wish I knew but can’t seem to find on Google, perhaps because television production companies keep it a secret, but I guess I would call it the “delayed admission” revenue arc of a show.

For example, the first season of the Andy Griffith Show, shot in 1960, can be purchased on Amazon as a 4 disc DVD, for $16.99.  A show filmed 52 years ago is still being purchased directly by the public.   The first season of the comedy “Friends” (1994), can be purchased for $19.19 on DVD or $26.99 via Video on Demand. Continue Reading »

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Reasons to Spread Courage!

Hi, folks.  James Riley here.   I wrote, directed, and acted in “Courage, New Hampshire,” and on behalf of the whole Courage, New Hampshire family (literally hundreds of people help make these episodes), I need to spend some time selling, so pay heed and spread the word.

Reason #1 for buying Courage right now:
In 18th century New England you settled fights at the local public house where the tavern keeper was justice of the peace as well. Continue Reading »

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Ballad Mongers — A Free DVD Offer

In the 18th century, traveling minstrel pitch men would stand on a perch at fairs and musters and sing a song.   If the country folk took a fancy to the the tune he sold them a copy printed on a broadside.

We need some ballad mongers.

Do you have a platform?

Are you up on the soap box quite a bit?

Do you have a blog, an internet radio show, a pulpit, a podcast or a chronic “letters to the editor” addiction?

We will give away a free DVD review copy of “Courage, New Hampshire” to the first 10 modern ballad mongers we think can sell Courage, New Hampshire.    Tell us about your audience and medium.  Include links.  It doesn’t have to be a great review either.  Just tell us about your crowd of listeners, their interests, and why you think they might like Courage — and if you’re among the first 10 we think fit, then you’ll get  a free copy. Continue Reading »

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