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Content Advisory

At Colony Bay, we do our best to provide an honest, smart, redemptive view of American history the whole family can watch. Since we're parents ourselves, we always believe Dads and Moms should be involved in their family's entertainment choices, but simple ratings don't convey the depth of the content and never really please everyone. In that spirit, we give here a summary of the issues explored and our best guess as to the issues you may wish to review before viewing as a family.

“Ambition” tells the story of how an unscrupulous and deceptive pastor is discovered spying on the township, on behalf of royal governor Wentworth. The story line refers to the punishment dealt out to those who abuse women, and there is some reference to sexuality, without any visualization. One shooting is depicted, with some blood. There is some slapping and hitting.

Dove Family-Approved for Ages 12+

Courage, New Hampshire is Dove Family-Approved for ages 12+. The Dove Foundation is a non-profit organization which seeks to encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment. The Dove Foundation was happy to award “Courage, New Hampshire” their Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

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