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Episode Four - Ambition

EPISODE 4 Governor Wentworth seeks to bring the men of Courage to justice as Rev. Silence Laud is caught up in his own web of deceit. The militia of New Hampshire gather at a training day in Portsmouth, and the captains of the neighboring towns are forced to ponder the question: “are you with us?”

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Colony - Line Dance
Episode Three - A Snake in the Garden

EPISODE 3 In the winter of 1771, Governor Wentworth begins enforcing the hated white pine act, as the township of Courage prepares for a country dance; the “Reverend” Silence Laud advances on the beautiful Abby Lamb, and nothing stands between a farmer’s freedom and royal imprisonment but the sons of liberty.

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Episode Two - The Sons of Liberty

EPISODE 2 In August of 1770, Justice Silas Rhodes travels to Portsmouth for the execution of two notorious criminals; Royal Governor Wentworth details the “light hand” needed for ruling the New Englanders, and a new pastor arrives in Courage, Township.

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Episode One - The Travail of Sarah Pine

EPISODE 1 In the winter of 1770, the township of Courage lies on the raw edge of the frontier, in western New Hampshire. When a detachment of British soldiers arrive in search of deserters, they fail to catch their quarry, but one of them does catch the eye of the justice of the peace.

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The Travail of Sarah Pine